We’ve got you covered with:  Getting to DC and Getting Around DC

Getting to DC:


  • Fly into Reagan National Airport (DCA)
  • It may be tempting to save $50 and fly into Baltimore (BWI) or Dulles (IAD), but they are not worth the hassle.  Both airports are located 45 minutes or more from the city and involve a very long shuttle ride, train ride, or bus ride into the city.  (Kara:  “Saving $50 was not worth the bus to Dulles, which broke down once and caused me to miss my flight.”)


  • The train is very convenient for those who would otherwise drive to DC and don’t want to have to worry about parking
  • It arrives at Union Station, conveniently located on the Red Line of the Metro


  • DC has strict traffic and parking laws in order to discourage people from commuting via car. Out-of-state or out-of-zone cars must be moved every 2 hours Monday-Friday until 6:00 P.M. or 8:00 P.M. (it varies by location).  In some areas, this applies to Saturdays, as well.
  • Parking is extremely limited-  once you find a spot, you will not want to move your car for the rest of the weekend.  (You won’t need to, anyway- DC is a great city for walking!)
  • Ensure that someone in your group is a master at parallel parking.
  • Be aware that city life means unexplained dings, dents, and scratches on your car.
  • Do not rent a car once you arrive in DC- it’s really not necessary nor worth the trouble.
  • If you must drive, contact us to see if we can arrange for temporary parking permit.

Getting Around DC

DC is a very convenient city to navigate- no need for a car!  When you can’t walk, buses and metro stops are convenient and regular.

From the Airport

  • Take the metro- it’s quick, easy, and cheap at only $2-3 per trip.  Dupont Circle metro is closest to the Churchill Hotel.
  • Take a cab if you’re in a hurry.  Estimated cost- $26.

Using Buses and the Metro

  • The SmarTrip card makes riding the bus and metro easier.  Without it, you’ll need cash for the bus and a pay $1 more per trip on the metro.
  • You can purchase a SmarTrip card online prior to your visit, but must allow enough time for shipping.
  • You can purchase a SmarTrip card upon arrival at a CVS Pharmacy in Dupont Circle (right in the circle), Adams Morgan (near the Reception site), or Columbia Heights (right next to the metro station).
  • provides information about Metro maps and bus routes
  • Downloading the Bus Track DC app (Android or Apple) or the NextBus app (Apple), help greatly in navigating bus routes.
  • Downloading an app for Android or Apple is helpful.  Or you can bookmark WMATA’S mobile page on your phone.


  • DC is a very walkable city.  Most likely, all of the sites and restaurants/bars you want to see will be located in our quadrant (Northwest or NW).
  • If you have a smartphone, map apps make walking easy.
  • If you don’t, we will provide maps in your hotel room.  Or you can look up directions ahead of time on GoogleMaps.
  • Visit our DC Tourism page for neat places to visit during your stay!

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